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Quickbooks - Business Performance Analysis System


This is a web based 2 hour course that will be conducted by a live instructor and will be scheduled at a time that will work for both the instructor and attendee.

In this presentation we will discuss the following essential elements related to the financial management of your business:

-An introduction to the financial statements; I want to make sure you have a solid foundation in place in regards to understanding key aspects of your financials.

-A discussion on how the financial statements can help you find your story; In other words, the story of your business is in your financials and we will unlock their meaning for you.

-How to read a Profit and Loss statement and why that is important; 

-The hidden value of the Balance Sheet and how to read it: 

-How cash management is critical to survival and ways to improve your current cash position; 

-Concrete steps on how to use your financial information to transform your vision into reality.



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