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Sage Weekly Open Web Calls - Annual Subscription


This is a one year subscription (50 weeks) to our Sage 100 contractor and Sage 300 CRE weekly web calls. Use this time to get your questions answered. Ask about current software news or keep updated on the latest events.

Here is how the call will work- Kathy tracks the order of how people log into the call. The first person to log onto the call, is the first to ask a question. We continue this until time is up or all questions are answered. We answer general questions first and then go to the specific topic if there is one for the week.

Below are some examples of weekly topics:

1st Quarter:  Update Taxes, Print W2 and 1099’s, Close Year

2nd Quarter:  File Maintenance. TUG National Conference Review, and Open Question and Answer

3rd Quarter:  Open Question and Answer and New Version Features

4th Quarter:  Prepare Vendors and Employees For Year End, Software Updates

Here is a schedule of our Year End Web Call Series.  From November to April, all sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend at the listed time you can view the recording at your convenience:

Here is a list of upcoming topics and dates (dates and times subject to change):

11/9   1 to 2 CST  2017 Year End Deadlines/Updating Aatrix/Electronic W2 & 1095 consent forms
11/16 1 to 2 CST Preparing Vendors for 1099s using Inquiries and My Assistant
11/22 1 to 2 CST ACA Employee Setup in Payroll
11/30 1 to 2 CST Setup Year End Pays, Deductions, Taxes, and Fringes in Payroll

12/7   1 to 2 CST Preparing Employees for W2's
12/14 1 to 2 CST Modify W2 Forms for Aatrix
12/21 1 to 2 CST Final Payroll Entries for 2016
12/28 1 to 2 CST Close the Year in Payroll

1/2   1 to 2 CST Download/Update Taxes in Payroll
1/11 1 to 2 CST Preparing Aatrix W2's
1/18 1 to 2 CST Preparing ACA forms
1/26 1 to 2 CST Preparing Vendor 1099 Forms in Aatrix

2/1   1 to 2 CST Final Year End Wrap up Review and Q & A
2/8   1 to 2 CST File Maintenance  - Payroll
2/15 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Accounts Payable
2/22 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Accounts Receivable

3/1   1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Cash Management
3/8   1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Property Management
3/15 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Service Management
3/22 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Job Cost/ Project Management
3/29 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Contracts

4/5   1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - Purchasing/Inventory
4/12 1 to 2 CST File Maintenance - General Ledger

If you would like to join just one session, purchase the one time session and be sure to select the series - Open Web Call (Year End).  All sessions will be recorded so that you can play back or listen to at your convenience if you miss the live meeting. 


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