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Service Management Web Call Series


Join this series to learn more about the day to day workings of Sage 300 CRE Service management.  It will consist of a series of 10 web calls each 1 hour in length.  Each call will have an assigned topic with plenty of time at the end of the call for a Q & A session. Use this time to get your questions answered, ask about current software news, or keep updated on the latest events.

Here is how the call will work- Kathy tracks the order of how people log into the call. The first person to log onto the call, is the first to ask a question when the Q & A opens up at the end.  We continue this until time is up or all questions are answered. 

This series is currently slated for the 1 session a month beginning in February 2018, but is subject to change based on schedule of attendees.  

All sessions are recorded, so that if you cannot attend at the listed time you can view the recording at your convenience (dates and times subject to change check the KLC Vision Calendar):

2/21 11 to 12 CST Setup- Smart Start Checklist and Decision Worksheet, SM settings, Products, Dept, Rate Sheets, Call Types, and Standard Tasks

3/31 11 to 12 CST Setup- Hierarchies:  GL Account, Prefix, Invoice, Rate Sheet, Tax Group/Exempt, Report Format

4/25 11 to 12 CST Setup - Equipment:  PM Tasks

5/23 11 to 12 CST Workflow - Daily Processing - Filters & Views:  WO, Invoice, PO, Accounting Entries

6/20 11 to 12 CST Workflow - Work Orders, Smart Start Procedures Manual, Create WO Service and Small Job

7/25 11 to 12 CST Workflow - Dispatch Board

8/22 11 to 12 CST Workflow - Work Order Register - Enter Items & PO- Entry, Receive, Enter Invoice

9/19 11 to 12 CST Workflow - Invoicing/Closing Work orders (service and small job), void in AR, add to closed/billed work order.

1024 11 to 12 CST Agreements - Setup: SM Settings, Products, Dept, Rate Sheets, Call Types, Agreement Types

11/21 11 to 12 CST Agreements - Workflow

If you would like to join just one session, purchase the one time session and be sure to select the series - Service Management.  All sessions will be recorded so that you can play back or listen to at your convenience if you miss the live meeting. 


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